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RE : Anti-Sway Bar – Rear

This is a very important technical data for you to read and understand why you need to install Anti-Sway Bar onto your vehicle.

First – What is an anti-sway bar : an anti-sway bar is made of a piece of mild steel specially design to protect your vehicles’ from swaying. This sway bar is fitted either in the front suspension or rear suspension or may be both front and rear. For most of the SUV Vehicles, they are OEM fitted both on the front and rear suspension (refer picture).

Basically a double cab pick-up is a utility vehicle and only be driven at a specific limit in most of the countries. But in Malaysia, this pick-up serves for dual purposes either for family used or utility vehicles. If the vehicle is carrying heavy load or fitted with canopy, the weight is fairly distributed between the front and rear of the vehicle; thus the vehicles sits flatter through a roundabout or a series of bends and will be stabilized due to the heavy load in the deck. With empty load behind (the deck) and driving with high speed it will be very dangerous when you encounter a roundabout or a series of bend. While applying emergency brake, you may not realize that your vehicle may tilt one side, loss control, overturn or skidding resulting accident. With anti-sway bar install, you will enjoy the following safety measures benefited for you, your familys’ members, friends and etc to minimize accidents occurred:-

I)         Safety
Improved handling is about helping your vehicle sit flatter through a roundabout or a series of bends. Under normal driving condition with a sway bar installed, you will drive your vehicle with confidence that carries with better vehicle control and less body roll.

II)        Comfort
When your vehicle sit flatter on the road through turns and bends you get less movement inside the vehicle. By helping to reduce body roll all pitching you will reduce fatigue and increase the comfort level inside the vehicle.

III)      Tyrewear
By keeping your vehicles tyres flatter and more “upring” on the road any wear is spread evenly across the tyre width. Excessive  body roll and pitching places above average loads on your tyres especially the edges and side walls. The costly result is premature aging and wear. By fitting a sway bar the cornering loads are spread more evenly across all four tyres and a greater tread with is kept in contact with the road surface.

IV)      Performance
Without the sway bar installed, the vehicle is a bit of “floater” or a “bone rattle” when you are driven at a high speed. With the sway bar, will “stiffen” your suspension to make it more responsive.

This is only a genuine advice and hopefully the above technical information will assist you to decide.

For automotive transmission vehicle owner, we suggest that you change the “single” action shock absorber to “double” action shock. Why, it will offer you more comfort due to the uneven road condition and offering a better brake efficiency. Your vehicle will stop faster than before preventing your vehicle “kissing” the front vehicle.

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